Artificial Grass Installation Service

We've got our technique down to a fine art

With decades of landscaping experience. Installing artificial grass is second nature to us.

Our professional team will agree on start and end dates with the customer to minimise disruption. We'll also discuss any additional work to be carried out before laying the artificial surface, we're landscapers so anything is possible.

We'll start our installation off by delivering all the materials needed to begin the project. It's not just the grass that needs to be ordered, there's waste removal, membranes (underlay), adhesives and other materials to consider.

On the day of the installation, our team will get to work to clear old turf, debris, patios etc from the project area.

The waste will be removed in various ways. We use our own vehicles, work with another contractor or hire a skip for the project. We'll make sure everything is removed professionally so you'll be involved every step of the way.

Attention to detail

  • Protection of the surrounding edging – and the work flow corridors from pavement to garden - so no damage is done during the installation.
  • Turf removal and ground preparation – so this involves levelling the area to accommodate a firm granular base and artificial grass top layer.
  • Installation of any retaining or detail edging if needed – for that beautiful crisp and clean finish.
  • Laying down a geotextile membrane – which prevents weeds from growing up from beneath the lawn while assisting water drainage.
  • Laying and compacting the aggregate layers to create integrity and strength for the base – from the large heavy-duty aggregate right through to a fine finish grit and sand combination to create an almost bowling green like surface.
  • Installing the artificial grass – rolling it out, trimming and cutting. Where joints are necessary our professional installers will provide an almost invisible join using specialist tape and adhesive.
  • Application of final granular infill layer on top of the grass – this provides an element of weight, making the final surface more solid while preventing movement.
  • Lastly, a final clean, sweep, tidy up and rinse off.

We're not restricted to residential projects and any commercial application is invited.

  • Schools
  • Holiday parks/homes,
  • Housing developments,
  • Golf courses
  • Pub gardens
  • Much more

All projects are different so this gives you a great idea on we get things done the "Easigrass way". We'll provide you with the best possible solution to your project. We offer free site visits, quotations and friendly advice.

Contact us today to get your project started.

If you're unsure which surface is best to choose or you've got questions about supply or installation, give us a call on 01823 972446 or send us a message here.


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