7 reasons to switch to a synthetic lawn

1. No mowing, strimming or manicuring:

By far one of the greatest advantages of an artificial lawn is that you can put your mower and strimmer out to pasture. No more infuriating and back-breaking pulling on the starter cord, no more fumbling with electric power cables and no more broken blades or strimmer wires.

But more importantly, you don’t have to spend your precious weekends working to maintain the perfect lawn. Once installed, the maintenance involved is minimal (see tips here), meaning you can sit back, relax and enjoy your garden.

2. Pet proof and safe:

Dogs love to dig and cats tend to bask in the same spot every day, leaving a series of trenches and feline shaped dead patches on your lovely green lawn. And then of course, both have a habit of marking their territory and leaving the lawn patchy and stained. For all of these reasons, the benefits of artificial grass for pet owners are huge. No more lawn craters from digging, no more patches from urine and faeces and (thanks to the cushioned membrane) your cat can lie comfortably in its favourite spot all day!

You also have the security of knowing that unlike real grass, artificial turf won’t harbour common pests such as ticks and fleas that are a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of your beloved pets. Moreover, chemical free maintenance offers you extra peace of mind that your furry family members can wander, sniff, play and explore in complete safety.

3. Weed and moss free:

One of the biggest headaches for those seeking a flawless lawn is undoubtedly the appearance of unwanted weeds and mosses. Both seem to pop up overnight and keep your lawn from looking its best. Artificial grass is installed using a protective membrane, and, while you should keep an eye to ensure the membrane is doing its job, your weeding and moss raking days should be behind you.

4. Water conserving:

Water conservation is perhaps the greatest benefit of an artificial lawn in more arid regions of the world where water reserves are low. In the UK we are fortunate enough to have sufficient rainfall to keep your lawn looking green and healthy for most of the year. But those summer months can get very dry and even a small lawn can become a drain on limited water resources and your water meter.

With artificial grass, you can enjoy your luscious green lawn without breaking the hosepipe ban, while also crossing yet another item of maintenance off the list.

5. No weedkillers, pesticides or fertilisers:

It should go without saying that in a world without weeds you don’t need weedkiller. The same is true for other chemical lawn treatments, such as insecticides which are notorious for creeping into local water supplies. You also don’t need to feed an artificial lawn, so you can save a few pennies and avoid yet another aspect of lawn maintenance. We should also mention that the grass with no longer harbour leatherjackets which turn into crane flies. That’s always a positive to those who aren’t fans of daddy long legs!

6. Hardwearing and durable:

Whether you’ve decided to do a bit of outdoor training or your kids have invited the whole neighbourhood over for a five-a-side tournament, an artificial lawn is designed to take some serious activity. Afterall, synthetic grass was developed for this specific purpose, with the first ‘AstroTurf’ pitch being installed at the Astrodrome sports stadium in Houston, Texas in 1966. Synthetic pitches are ideal for sports facilities, because they are so durable and won’t deteriorate over the course of a sports season. So, no matter how many sliding tackles it has to endure, your lawn is up to the task.

7. It looks great all year round:

Ultimately, this is the holy grail for all lawn owners, whether they own a natural lawn or an artificial one. Synthetic grass just makes it possible without the work, the weeds or the water, leaving you to relax and enjoy your garden and your weekends.

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